1 on 1 With Shane Whitfield

Lehigh Hoops Nation, as part of the continuing effort to get everyone prepared and ready for the ’13-’14 edition of Lehigh Basketball, was fortunate enough to chat with freshman forward Shane Whitfield in an attempt to help introduce him to Mountain Hawk fans. Special thanks to Shane for taking the time to chat!

Q.) What is your earliest basketball memory?

A.)  My earliest basketball memory is when I was in 4th grade and got moved up with the middle school kids in recreation league. My first fast break, I lost handle of the ball and I “punted” the ball out of bounds lol. I knew after that moment I had a lot of work to do.

Q.) Where do the athletic genes come from, because obviously you and your brother Jordan(highly ranked high school PG, class of ’17, you have to get him to commit to Lehigh by the way) got good genes?

A.) Both grandparents on my mom’s and dad’s side played basketball and so did my parents so I guess that’s where I get my basketball genes from.

Q.) Was it always a dream of yours to play college basketball?

A.) Yes, I’ve been playing basketball since the age of four so it’s always been a dream to play Division I basketball.

Q.) Why did you decide to come to Lehigh and was there one specific moment or event(Your official visit must have went well because you committed that next Monday after you got home) where everything clicked and made you realize that LU was where you were going to go to college?

A.) I knew LU was a great school for me because the coaches and the team treated me like family as soon as I came for my official. Also, the coaches did a great job of recruiting me.

Q.) You played your high school ball at a well known basketball power in Word of God down in Raleigh(John Wall played there), and obviously your season didn’t end the way you wanted it to, having got cut short due to an injury. Can you tell us how your rehab has been going and if you’re back at 100% to start the season?

A.) I’m still in rehab but I’m also practicing full-time. I will be 100% by the time the season starts.

Q.) Can you give a self-scouting report on your game for Lehigh fans?

A.) I am a versatile player; I can play the wing or the post.

Q.) What NBA player best describes your style of play?

A.) I would say Carmelo Anthony.

Q.) You got to campus well before the majority of your non-basketball playing classmates, as you enrolled in summer school to take a class and workout with other LU players and coaches, what was that experience like?

A.) It was a great experience, I was glad to get the opportunity as an incoming freshman to get a head start on things.

Q.) I thought it was pretty cool how you, Tim, Austin, Miles, and Cole all regularly conversed via Twitter before even arriving in July, but how has it been getting to meet and get to know all of these guys?

A.) It has been great, they’re truly cool and laid back guys. I couldn’t ask for a better class to come in with.

Q.) What goals have you set for yourself in your first season?

A.) I want to possibly become a starter and just help my team in every way to win the Patriot League Championship.

Q.) Tell us about Shane off the court?

A.) I’m a very goofy person; I’m always laughing and joking around. You will never see me mad off the court.

Thanks again Shane.


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