5 Quick Observations From Baylor Game

5 Quick Observations From Baylor

1.)    That McCollum kid is good, real good. Okay, maybe that shouldn’t really count as an observation, because we already knew that, however CJ was dominant on Friday night. He got to the tin at will, and got what he wanted when he wanted it. He scored in a variety of ways: from the charity stripe, with the mid-range game, from 3, and at the rim. CJ left the NBA scouts in attendance drooling.

2.)   We missed our rock down low, in Knutson. Gabe was out with a knee injury, and this 4 scholarship deep frontcourt(with Chuku out and an open scholarship not used), didn’t have enough down low to contain the bigs from Baylor. Baylor got a ton of second chance points off of offensive rebounds, and it felt at a point when watching the game that a missed FT by Baylor was more likely to get rebounded by Baylor then Lehigh, which isn’t a good thing.

3.)   The Great One – No Wayne Gretzky wasn’t in the building, either was Janet Jones, but 99 points is obviously way too much to give up to any opponent. The defense Friday was uncharacteristically bad, and I know the good Dr. hasn’t slept well the past few nights replaying the mistakes his team made on Friday. Pick and roll D was especially porous, but certainly easy to fix and it will cause Reed and staff are really good defensive coaches.

4.)    Zone & Press – Against BCS Conference teams, with large frontcourts, Lehigh is going to have to pack it in and play some 2-3 zone to try to offset the size advantage that opponents will have. I’d rather get beat by 20 foot 3 point shots than 20 dunks a night. With our overall team speed and depth, I’d love to try to press and trap more and turn the games into up-tempo affairs aka VCU or Louisville. We have the personnel to do it, and this could wear out bigger/slower teams.

5.)   As the good Dr. said in the postgame presser, the best part about this game is it’s over, and LU has another game on the schedule.

No reason to panic folks, LU was down two starters and on the road against a good Baylor team, and I think we have the best player in the country in #3. Get fired up for the #NIT tomorrow night, win and LU gets another shot at a BCS team in Pitt. Let’s GO Lehigh.


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