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Lehigh At Fordham Game Breakdown and Fearless Prediction: Will Edmonds and Anderson Play?

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Lehigh At Fordham Game Breakdown and Fearless Prediction: Will Edmonds and Anderson Play?

We break down the Fordham game – and we give our fearless prediction below the flip.

A key element to this week’s game is the status of Fordham QB Kevin Anderson and RB Chase Edmonds.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Fordham is a different team with or without one or both of them.

Edmonds was held out in the second half of a blowout loss to Colgate, only eight yards short of the Patriot League all-time rushing record, while Anderson left the Lafayette game with an ankle injury, and hasn’t returned since.

Some speculation exists on the Fordham board that Anderson was suspended for the Georgetown game last week.  If it is true that Anderson was suspended, and not hurt, the interesting part of that aspect is that there is historic precedent.

“Eagle-eyed followers of Lehigh Football Nation may have noticed last week that Fordham did not suit up their regular starter, QB Kevin Anderson, versus Georgetown,” I wrote in last year’s preview of the Fordham game.  “The official story is that the Boca Raton, Florida native sat out the game due to a “violation of team rules”.  No further explanation was given, but judging by the game notes, Anderson is still listed at No. 1 on the depth chart, and every public indication is that it was a one-game suspension.  So barring any eleventh-hour revelations, Anderson is almost certain to be the starter this weekend.”

If the official story is that Anderson was suspended for a “violation of team rules” – which, by a incredible coincidence, happened in two consecutive years in the exact weekend of the Georgetown game – it means two things.  First, it means that Georgetown is the luckiest team in the Patriot League to miss Kevin Anderson twice.  Second, it means that Kevin Anderson is starting on Saturday.

I don’t know if Kevin Anderson and Chase Edmonds will absolutely start on Saturday.  But I’m going to write this preview as if they are, because, frankly, I’m convinced they’re starting.  Sometimes, things are exactly how they look.
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