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Tonight’s headline: Tremendous defensive effort against The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Held Q to their season average in rebounds, but Lehigh made it a tough physical go to get there. We insisted on establishing inside game early then lit it up in the second half on good ball movement leading to open looks. Final score (69-58) remarkable considering first half score ended 22-15. MM in foul trouble early in first half (played just 6 min). MS filled in credibly for balance of the half. One concern was MS knee injury. Returned after halftime with brace and a limp. 11 point final margin was not indicative of how Lehigh took control in the second half, leading by 22 at one point.

Balanced scoring, impressive bench production, best energy of the games I’ve seen. All in all an impressive win against what seemed to be a tough opponent, coming into the night. Only caveat; Q shot 33% overall and went 0-16 from 3. I didn’t know that was possible. Great defense or that bad a shooting night? If anyone else attended I’d like to hear your opinion.

PS: BU over Terps a big surprise, but Bison blow out loss to Marist a real shocker to me.