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It is just amazing to me year one post the big 3 era and we’re rolling here in non-conference play late. I think we our going to contend for PL championship again…

Totally agree 00 – and we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed! Just had this come across my twitter feed, had to check it out:

I certainly realize that this means absolutely nothing at this point, but still I find it exciting as we were picked 6th in PL in preseason.

If you’d have told me that AD wouldn’t have played a minute yet, and SC would have only played 44 minutes over 4 games, I would not have believed these results at this point. Especially given the minutes the frosh are getting.

Gotta be thrilled with the QU win, but I’m having a hard time getting a handle on how/why. The 2nd half shooting and overall 3 pt shooting were great. But I don’t know how much credit we get for great defense, vs. QU just shooting really horribly. I’d like to think we made them take shots that they weren’t comfortable with – but I dunno. Will have to watch this one again.

I agree that the guys really battled for boards, which is big in my book. SW stood out to me on that front; seems like he went more aggressively after boards than we’ve seen to this point. And TK definitely worked hard in there.