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OK — just a post after too much eggnog … so bear with it …

O’Cain has credentials, but aside from not having a job, why would he come? He’s been a FBS head coach, is from the south and has coached in 10 bowl games? He’s also coached a few top FBS QBs and is 58 or so. Seems unlikely.

How about hiring the sacked JMU coach, Mickey Matthews, who, according to the JUMU website, was at Marshall from 1990-95 and “part of a program that won the Division I-AA title in 1992, was runner-up in 1991, 1993 and 1995, and was a 1994 semifinalist. The Herd led the nation in scoring defense in 1993 and was seventh nationally in 1990 and 1995”?

Doubtful, too …

What if LU hired an OC connected to the following NORTHEAST teams that have won IAA or FCS championships the past 20 years? Options would be coaches connected to these teams and head coaches:

Villanova, Andy Talley, 2009
Richmond, Mike London, 2008
JMU, Mickey Matthews, 2004
Delaware, KC Keeler, 2003
UMass, Mark Whipple, 1998

(You know, in looking at the list, even including the VA teams, the NE sure has a dearth of champions since the IAA inception in 1978. Scary!)

That said, how about Mark Whipple? A Brown grad, ex-Eagles assistant who doesn’t seem to have any coaching gig now — having spent 2-3 years in various NFL and NCAA positions (including OC at MiamiU in 2009-10) after leaving UMass in 2003.

His kid, Austin ( redshirted as a freshman at PSU this year.

Whipple’s one of five coaches rumored in this blog (,1422087/) to be in contention to fill the PSU OC position.

And what about another of those five — James Perry OC at Princeton, a Brown alum? His bio lists him as being the top passer in Ivy history (graduated 1999). He spent a year coaching RBs at Delaware (2006).

And where is Mike Faragalli, the ex-Lafayette and Richmond OC (in championship season)?

More “winging it” food for thought if you’re bored …

BTW: I’m not advocating for any of these guys.