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Should be a good game and another good test to see how far we have come in past few months. Bryant got their layoff hangover out of the way today, in a brutal loss as 65 noted, so they’ll be fired up and ready on Monday. Francis has done well against us, he’s an active undersized big, good mid-major player. We need to open up featuring TK frequent and often on offense, and have him post or kick out if double comes. I didn’t get around to commenting on it last game but it was very evident versus Q that when SW is on the floor they were doubling with his man, and making SW shoot from outside, scouting report has been written that SW likes to attack off the dribble. For those watching, make note early Monday night where the double comes from, as my hunch is they will double and it will be SW man early.

As 65 noted, I’m thrilled and happy to report I’ll be live on Monday night. The gym is nothing special at all, a definite DII gym playing in DI hoops, as Bryant transitioned to DI within last 7-8 years if memory holds. It is all general admission and there will be a ton of seats behind LU bench. I went two years ago on new years eve and if there were 200 people there I probably missed 150 of them….too bad no one showed because CJ was ridiculous that game, just filthy, probably hit for 34/35 if memory holds as LU rolled up on Bryant.
Also – I recall we lost to them last year, on buzzer beater, so we owe them a nice win here in return trip.
Is anyone else going? I’ll be at Parentes pre-game for a few soda’s and light grub for anyone interested. I’ll be the guy dressed in brown. I’d love to see anyone who is attending.