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Watched the live stream and that loss was a little disappointing. In the last few minutes some bad turnovers and missed opportunities on offense, along with an inability to wrap up lose balls and defensive rebounds on the other end of the floor. The game winning play was unfortunate, but the coaches should tell the guys to never save the ball under your own basket like Jesse did. He handed them a wide open layup as the game winner. Overall, I don’t mind the loss heading into conference play as it will certainly keep the team from being overconfident off a long win streak.

One thing that I think needs to be discussed is Mackey’s shooting. He is shooting <40% from the field and <30% from 3, and I think he is struggling with the increased burden on offense. He is a tremendous player, and absolutely fantastic in transation. That said, he has trouble finishing in the halfcourt and so far this season he has not been shooting very well from 3 (after a very hot start). I don’t think he should feel as though he needs to take over games offensively, since that really isn’t his game. He did hit some VERY big shots last night in the stretch run, but still only shot 5-14 and had some bad turnovers.

CB came back to earth with an ugly 3 turnovers and 4 fouls in 8 minutes. The big guys need to be more careful with the illegal screens as I have seen a number of them called on Lehigh this year, and unfortunately I think in every case it was the correct call.