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I don’t have the time to give you guys a fully loaded recap, but it was a tough loss, really disappointed we came up short again in crunch time on the road. If you had told me we outrebound them and hit 50% from 3 and lose, I’d have called BS on you all day everyday. But, we couldn’t lock up on D and we had so many turnovers, especially in first half where we were really sloppy coming off the layoff. SBum, I had checked out MM shooting % before the game so it was fresh in my mind at the game, and agree, just trying to do to much sometimes, he was really getting the ball in guys hands at the wrong times…I hope we realize that TK isn’t GK in that he shouldn’t be used in pick and roll and cut to the basket only to receive a missile from MM while cutting to the rim, as it puts in in a bad spot catching while running to the hoop with bodies around him…we have to post TK up traditionally, and we weren’t doing a great job of getting him on the block and then getting him the ball. And when we did, I agree on the recognition of the double, I think he was frustrated a bit by some of the calls and getting ball in tough spots, so he kept going up with doubles and triples, to me this is coaching as much as it is the kid, as I saw him recognize some doubles earlier in the year…when we were getting him ball in right spot…this will get fixed and improve I believe. No reason he shouldn’t have had 30 against this team, no one in gym couold stop him, we did bad job executing on this mismatch, that was concerning.

SC shouldn’t be playing right now, lack of D and rebounding too much of a burden to play him with other options. I want more MS, one minute of action as we fell down 10 in 1st half and reed put MM back in. MS is maybe our best on ball defender and he’s not in and Reed and staff kept huddling trying to figure out how to slow down Maynard and CS wasn’t getting it done.

JC showed some brilliant flashes, man his upside is huge. Still so much promise, just has to come together here sooner or later, this year can be great still….starts tomorrow with big league opener.