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It’s not only the weather that scare me about tonight’s game, it’s an array of STATS that seemingly all favor the home team. Sure, the opponents were different in OOC play but by most accounts not that different when it comes to Strength of Schedule (CU @ 221 while LU @ 207). Some numbers to dwell on prior to and during the contest tonight:

Compared to other PL Teams, CU is:
#1 in Scoring Offense 75.2ppg
#1 in Scoring Margin +6.5ppg
#1 in FG% .496
#1 in 3FG% .433 *
#1 in Made 3 pt. FG/Game 10.9 (LU with 6.2)

* Also #1 in the nation. While LU is #76 at defending the “3” allowing just 31.1% to go in, this clash should take center stage tonight.

Other thoughts/worries

> 6’11” jr. ctr. Jacobs’ outside game. He comes in shooting 23 or 49 (.469) from beyond the arc and averages 11.2ppg and 4.2rpg. And, that’s playing just 21 mpg. The two-year Ohio U. vet is finding Hamilton to his liking.

> CU’s rebounding margin while negative (-1.6) is still vastly superior to ours (-6.8)