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Great win, gutty effort, nice road win for young team in first PL game. TK, what can you say folks, he has a shot to dominate this league right away. We got him the ball in the post in better spots then Bryant game and he went to work, and he saw doubles much better tonight…efficient outing for TK, loved it loved it loved it. JC and CS had really nice games, JC hit some clutch corner pocket 3 balls. MM numbers end up okay, but he did not play well, to many sloppy passes and turnovers(6) and bad shooting, but he did shoot Fts well down the stretch. He has to be better if we want to contend at all this year.

We won the rebounding battle and forced 17 turnovers, that’s a really good sign. Little from bench tonight, but there will be good and bad nights on that end. Huge getting first win, I’d have hated to go out to ‘gate and lose in 2OT and come back to LU with BostonU waiting for us on Sunday.

Big Win, any way it happened I’ll take it!