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Colgate Afterthoughts

Mackey: Shooting woes continue (2 for 7 from in close and 1 for 3 from afar). Patented drives to the basket not falling as they did early in the year and earlier in his career. Caught myself yelling “dish it off” too often. Seven assists while good could have been even higher. Absent-minded play resulted in 6 TOs. Seemed frustrated the entire night. Thank goodness he is solid from 15 feet @.767. Eleven of his 18 pts came from the line (many in mop-up duties). Hey, one bad night does not make a season. Can’t help but think he’ll return to form on Sunday.

Kempton: Solid 11 for 17 resulting in a quiet – if that possible – 25 pts. Back to back 13 board games. I can get used to that. Comfort level growing with each game. 3 ½ years to go. Lucky us.

Schaefer: Back to his usual self – maybe a bit better than usual – in his 6 for 12 shooting, 3A/1TO, after failing to connect from the field last time out. He remains our top guard shooter @ .422. Pleasant surprise this year with court demeanor and point output. He’s now averaging 9.8 ppg after 4.6 as a soph. and 2.8 as a frosh.

Chuku: 18 pts in 45 minutes (season high I believe in each). Key 3’s to keep us close in see-saw game. No fear in this guy’s play.

Price: While only 1 for 6 from field, active on the boards with six. Also comforting to note his FT work. In fact, with MM, CS and AP all on the court at game’s end, there’s not many foul-outlets for the other team, e.g, CS (.767), MM (.766), and AP (.759). Worth keeping an eye on.

Whitfield: Too hesitant in his play. Commit and go! Need to help on boards more than he is. Too often last night you’d see 3 to 4 gray shirts (Colgate) under and around the board on missed shots with only 1 brown shirt (Lehigh) in sight. Seldom was it worn by Shane.

Baltimore & Goldsborough: MIAs in a combined 15 minutes. All the more reason/need for Whitfield to step it up.

Colgate: Ran out of gas at just the right time for us after back to back double overtime games. Five starters played 200 minutes and all hit for double-digit scores. Burnatowski (15.1ppg average with 26 last night) is a monster player. When Moore returns to the lineup, this team will be extremely dangerous and trouble for the rest of the PL. The Bison – surprise losers to AU last night – are up next and surely took note of CU’s performance last night.