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I’m never sure how these projects develop. I’m fairly certain that many begin with a large directed contribution by an alumnus et al and then they build a campaign around it. Others begin with the University and then they solicit money toward the campaign. I believe softball may have been the former and has been ongoing for several years.
Renovations to Stabler, although nice does not seem like enough of an enticement to lure basketball fans to Stabler at least past the short term. I have often wondered what the benefit/cost paradigm is with regard to Service Electric televising games live. On one hand, it promotes the sport and the University but on the other it becomes a reason to stay home especially in the winter. The PLN is a godsend for fans outside the area but does it keep fans, including students at home? I actually debated about whether to attend the game on Sunday or simply watch it with a beer and sandwich on CBS College Sports.
On a side note: Alice Gast announced that she is leaving the University to take on an equivalent job in London. Whatever your opinion of her, she was a true backer of athletics on campus. Let us hope that we find another President that has similar beliefs. I’ve seen what happens at Universities that lose their passion for sports.