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Just a thought….the bigger question about Stabler Arena may be it’s relevance. It will soon be 35 years old. When it was built, it was designed to be a venue that could host numerous athletic, cultural and entertainment activities.
Over the last decade or so, Grace Hall was renovated and all but 2 wrestling matches are held there. Zoellner has become the home of the Arts for Lehigh. The State Theater, Symphony Hall, Steel Stacks and more recently The Sands are all in competition for cultural and entertainment dollars. By fall, the new Ice Hockey Arena will be ready which is designed to be multi-functional. Will Arena Football move there? Does it compete for high school graduations?
If Stabler is only going to function solely as a venue for Lehigh basketball, does it become more viable to build something smaller and closer to campus ala Bucknell? Just food for thought …nothing else.