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No such thing as a good loss, but this is as close as it gets. No quit in this group against a very talented, experienced BU. Served notice that this will not be a cake walk for the Terriers in the Patriot.

For those not in attendance, MM strong, much more controlled game as the leading scorer (23) with 5 rebounds in among the trees. I continue to suspect Simelton is the sleeper in this class. 13 minutes of relief at the point with 3 assists, 2 boards, one super steal, and several lightning moves to get his 6 points. This kid can jump for a supposed 6′. CS again just what you need when you need it (5 for 7 as mentioned above.)

Great effort overall, starters and bench. Still not a perfect game as key offensive rebounds by Boston really hurt, but we seem to continue to improve. Lastly, 10 years ago I would never expect to see one, let alone two alley-oop slam dunks by Lehigh (Chuku). Very entertaining game. Hopefully all in attendance got home safely. Very treacherous driving conditions afterward.