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I don’t think improved facilities will have a major impact on attendance, but I think there could be some impact especially if improvements were accompanied by continued success on the court. Totally agree about lack of tradition and inaccessability for students being two of the major hindrances to good student support. It certainly seems like Reed and Co and doing what they can to turn the program into a sustained winner, and as for the location of Stabler, there isn’t much to be done.

I think a smaller basketball venue closer to campus would be great, but those things take years if not decades and I have heard no hints that it is even being looked at. If that is the case, the question then becomes if it makes sense to do some renovations to Stabler to modernize a bit? I would also think the downtown Allentown arena will have an impact on arena football, concerts, tradeshows, and graduations will impact the revenue from Stabler. I don’t know if that makes basketball specific renovations more or less likely. I’d have to think that it would be (relatively) cheap to do a video board and upgrade the sideline seats to bring them closer to the court. And do something creative with the open end of the court.