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It was a horrible foul. Number one rule there is don’t foul with under 2 to play and BU having to go full court. If kid throws in a runner to beat you, live with it, but don’t give game away. Just bad defensive discipline, no movement of feet and just basically getting in the way. It wasn’t even really a bad reach, just stupidity. Stay in front of the ball and don’t foul. Should be simple.

Few observations:

CS is playing really well. Has a bit of an offensive game, and love his attitude and fire.

Our guards are bad at defending dribble penetration, and a team with 2 quick guards like BU is a nightmare for us. We couldn’t stay in front of anybody all day.

SC is killing us in limited minutes. How about developing a feel for the game, before you start jacking up jumpers 5 seconds into your run?

JC, the enigma. Get yourself off of the 3 point line at the top of the key. Enough already with the infatuation with the 3 ball. Work on the wing, off the dribble and get some points in the painted area.

AP, way too passive. Needs to put it on the deck and attack a little more. Settles for too many jumpers, and when cold, gives you little else.

MS, very nice minutes yesterday.

TK, needs to develop quicker decision making in the post. When not doubled, make a quick post move, either drop step, turnaround jumper or into lane with baby hook. When double comes, kick to shooters. Kid is a good passer. Use your size on the low block and pin your man. The BU big man gave a clinic all day on how it is done.

The run where Papale went off for 3 threes in a minute was just bad defensive recognition by our guards.

BU is team to beat, well rounded team with 2 stars.