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I’ve been reading this forum for some time, learning a lot of good stuff off of it, but I notice that luck of information sometimes leads into guessing or critical conclusions. That’s what actually strucked me to write this.
Yes SC, how you call him, is rusty, but why. It didn’t come from nowhere. It came from not enough accurate diagnoses on his injury. He was injured during practice as sophomore, just before first scrimmage, but his injury was overlooked, and he was kind of “forced” to play through the whole season with that injury. Some of it came from “general emergency” when CJ couldn’t continue any more, “everyone to step up”.
If you take a look to the games he played, and you pay attention to the details, you would easily find out that he was limping when he was running the court. Two bad things came out of it. He couldn’t play to his full potential last season, looking bad on the court, but even worse than that one, he had to drop the ball totally for almost 8 months to get over it. There is nothing worse than playing through an injury. Injury has to be cured first, otherwise it takes much longer.
It is easy to figure out what he went into his junior season with. How do you get back, and how do you gain confidence again, not easy. Is he gone, I don’t think so. He is a hard worker and very strong person, and I am pretty sure that he is going to help to this team as the season progresses.
He is finally healthy, that’s all what it matters.
I felt, I owe this info to this forum.

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