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@naim. Your phrase “lack of information” is exactly the problem. For whatever reason, the local media is reluctant to ask any questions about Lehigh players and their status with the program. They simply do not do any reporting but only write what the Lehigh Communications department allows them to write (or writes for them). It’s like the White House and the children of the 1st family – strictly off limits.

I have been a huge fan of SC right from the beginning. His shooting mechanics are textbook and he has good size for a guard. I never understood why BR had such a preference for AD. However, yesterday’s performance was not encouraging. I had no idea he was “away” from the game for eight months. But, this program is so far under wraps I’m surprised they put the players’ names in the program.

I like BR for his game prep and the dignity with which he treats his players but he makes many questionable in-game decisions and I think he gets far too soft a treatment in this community and by the local media (such that it is).