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I don’t even want to look at stats but just trust my eyes on this one and when your in a tie game in final 7/8 minutes and you have empty possessions and give up multiple possessions on your own end the odds of winning decrease significantly. Frustrating loss last night, I missed first half but second half and really just final 7/8 minutes we probably gave up sox offensive rebounds and had a ton of possession that ended with turnovers and Zero shots. JC had a bad turnover dribbling to much in the paint area, SW got stripped bringing the ball up court in a one on one scenario, JC got clumsy near sideline an flipped to ap for a bailout but ap they said anyway stepped on a line and my favorite that someone mentioned above was the mm PNR to a on the move TK – that crap hasn’t worked all year – can we stop trying to force ball to TK while he is slicing through the paint on the way to the hoop. Good news so far is on any day we have talent to beat any PL school but we also have inexperience to lose to anyone….not a surprise I suppose with a young team, hopefully these are lessons quickly learned.