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I guess it might be time to adjust expectations, considering we have lost our first 2 home PL games. Instead of hoping for a high PL tourney seed and some home games, I think you now have to hope this team grows through the end of the season, can gel, start to peak, and make a deep tourney run on the road.

I can’t really point to any particular player or stat (rebounding a problem but we have won boards in some losses), but it is apparent that this team is going to play a lot of tight games. In tight games, you need a go to guy at the end of games to get you critical buckets. Obviously, also need to get critical rebounds on opponent misses. Not sure who either guy is right now. TK is going to be hard pressed getting good looks late if doubled in the post and is not a banger. MM is going to be hard pressed to get them if he cannot penetrate late in games if teams sag off him. His jumper is not good enough to rely on. But, we need somebody to emerge late in games. You would like to see JC slide into that role, as he should be able to slash, shoot and rebound. Not there yet. Somebody needs to want the ball in those spots. I would feel most comfortable with MM and CS getting the late looks.

Also, JG is now critical to this team. He needs to get close to 30 minutes a night. I, too, would be happy seeing him slide into the starting role for SW or AP. Those 2 aren’t doing enough to both be starting.