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I don’t see JG supplanting SW in the starting line up just because it doesn’t make sense from a rotation standpoint. If JG, TK, and JC all start you have exactly zero big men on the bench. Not to mention that would put JC at the 3, which I’m sure HE would think is great, but I’m not sure the rest of us do. Now, if you want to talk about JG replacing JC in the starting line-up…I’d be open to that conversation.

Honestly though, the minutes are spread around pretty well amongst the frontcourt guys and I don’t think it really matters who starts. I love JG’s play of late as much as anyone, but he is not a star. He is a hustle/glue guy and as long as he comes in and does his job, he should be getting around 20mpg. More minutes than that and I think you start to negate his effectiveness by forcing him to conserve energy and be game planned against.