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But, I still wouldn’t rule out JG getting a start, based on our opponent’s perceived strength, placing SW (still a big man at 6’7″) on the bench to begin a game or two.

My point is more that if we start JG with TK and JC and we are being soft inside and not rebounding, who do you bring in? At that point we have no real interior player to bring in to change things up. As it currently stands, the coaches could say to TK or JC – “rebound or we’ll take you out” – and they wouldn’t really be able to do that if all 3 started. Except to go SMALLER, which would defeat the purpose a bit.

Also, I agree that JG is a superior rebounder to SW. I think that is quite obvious while watching, and backed up further by the stats. I still think starting all 3 of your eligible interior players at the same time is a strange move.

If it were up to me, I might go back to starting AP for a few games. I’d also tell Shane to attack when he is in and not fear the consequences. He is much more effective when he asserts himself instead of trying to blend in.