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As far as Shane asserting himself more, I agree. AP and Shane have both been reluctant to “let it fly.” I thought Austin came out and went strong to the basket early against Army, then backed off when things didn’t go well once. He’s got a very good move and needs to use it. I completely agree they both need to be more aggressive, but with good judgment. It’s understandable for freshmen, but after 16 games they aren’t freshmen anymore.

From here on out though a bigger concern for everyone is being under control and focused. Doc has been preaching every possession is precious during the last two post game postmortems. The big run’s that killed us at Army involved consecutive wasted possessions. The guards allowing SW to bring the ball up during a crucial 2nd half sequence is an example of just poor focus and judgement in that game. MM is the one who has to lead with good passes, good shot selection, and just generally good decisions. Hopefully it all comes together tomorrow.