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Disappointed to say the least.

TK, our “4-year starter” and big guy @ 6’10” can’t be shooting .467 from the field in Patriot League play and only .357 in his last three. This after 13 preseason games in which he showed so much promise. What’s more, his 4 game PL experience also includes 11 TOs and 0 Blocks.

MM must come to play 40 minutes/night. Yesterday was not that unusual, looking back on the last four games. Here are the shooting percentages in PL play.
1st Halves: 4 for 16 (.250)
2nd Halves: 20 for 35 (.571)

Our bench – what bench! It went 3 for 14 in 66 minutes yesterday.
DC was one of the first called in? Someone explain.
JC (0 for 4 for the field) upset over not starting? Let’s hope not, he’s been solid (.400 FG%) to date and good for 4 to 5 boards/night.
SC: the rehab work continues – this time going 1 for 4 from deep. Future?
SW: so quiet was his 4 pts/1 rebound, I can’t recall the particulars. Sums up most of his games.

In case you were wondering, here’s how our freshmen are doing when it comes to making a basket (FG%s) in PL Play. Strangely, most fared better in OOC play. With the possible exception of JC, nothing to brag about.
TK .467
AP .345
MS .375
JC .401
SW .294

JG: Validated his start yesterday going 7 for 11. Now shooting an insane .758 overall and .750 in PL play with 14 rebounds in conference action. Not too shabby given the minutes awarded. Now if only you could work on the PFs (9 in 61 minutes or 1 every 6.8min.).

Next up: Undefeated AU on Wednesday night at Stabler. Wish the game were tonight to wash away memories of yesterday.