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Just finished watching the game, and I will work backwards and take care of my guy SBum first! DC got a little burn in the first half when no one could slow down Cormier, didn’t do much of anything in four minutes. More comments rapid fire:

1. Agree with rich MM needs to be in attack mode from opening tip. He is a freeking wild card right now. He and us are best when he is attacking the lane like the end of the bu game, he needs to drive and finish or drive and kick it to open guy. Way too passive early in games and then it’s almost force it late in games and be hero ball. Love MM but he has to get team starting well from opening tip as senior point guard.
2. We have no real lock down perimeter defenders. Watson killed us, Wilson killed us, Cormier killed us. AP tries and he wants to be good on d and he will be but to ask him to slow down Cormier as a true frosh is unfair. You get max effort from CS but he’s not Bruce Bowen! MM not the best.

3. MS is being under utilized IMO. He is averaging about ten mins per game and I think he deserves more. I think he is your best on the ball defender and I like his fight coming up with loose ball steals. He hits open jumpers and can get to the hole. MM and CS combining for 70 mins per game basically and that’s to much, think they should be around 60. Also don’t see why SC needs to be in rotation right now when not fully healthy, basically stationary shooter and no D or rebounding.

4. Zone!!!! Zone looked pretty good for a team that never plays zone. We need to experiments with this more for a few reasons – first as discussed we don’t haves great perimeter defense and second it can help us on defensive glass. Third we gotta pretty good personnel for zone with length in ap SW JG JC and TK.
5. I always wondered with the plus athletes we have why we don’t press and run more – we should be speeding games up and pushing tempo as we got the people for it.
6. Not to question coaching but most of us knew on here that cb was fifth big and JG fourth but cb got more pt it seemed and was ahead of JG in rotation while he was playing pre suspension – seeing what JG has done last two games makes me wonder what the heck was going on with that decision. JG upside is ridiculous if he ever puts it together god only knows but that combo of length and athleticism is rare.