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I think Jessie is a marvelous athlete – long, powerful – and highly skilled in terms of taking the ball to the hoop and stroking the J. Of late he has lost his aggressiveness and become tentative and unsure.

One of the issues is that BR normally spots Jessie at the top of the key for the high p&r or spot up three. The problem is he appears to have lost his confidence with the trey.

I think it is time to pack him down a little bit lower in the paint and try to get his short game going – a few hooks and power drives to the hoop. Second, he needs to ramp up his intensity about 1000% …

Lastly – in terms of team productivity – get Corey S the ball! He is a wizard with that ball and a great shooter. Please, please, turn MM and CS loose …

SC is air-ball city lately. Watching him try to create and shoot off the dribble is cringe worthy. Clearly, he is not ready.

Very disappointing performance(s) from an intensity/competitiveness standpoint. We are simple getting out-hustled, out-muscled, and out-worked. I’m going to start going to the Ladies games until BR gets this turned around; can’t stand to watch any more ..