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I do not mean to be personal, but your logic befuddles me.

Rich should want folks like us to know this stuff so we can do something about it. The more public this issue becomes the more people will know so we can resolve it. This isn’t about recruiting one year; it’s about folks like us supporting LU football and getting our friends to do the same over the long haul as has been done before.

We must do so to compete!

The world is about transparency today — and those of us blessed with an LU education should be able to dig a little deeper into our pockets to support the institution we love (yet critique, for its own good and our own edification) on this board.

So, recruits, if you’re reading here — those of us are on this board because we love Lehigh, and hope it continues to be perennial PL champs, if not serious FCS contenders soon.

The Lehigh community knows how to win — even if some of us occasionally debate things civilly and vociferously — the American way — in public.