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Rich I hear loud and clear but despite being down early we are basically in a tie game with last few minutes every night so as bad as openings are we can’t close out tight games in money time right now. To your point though Last night was the worst start ever – it was as if no coach or player watched a drop of film – got back doored to death and either gave them open layups or uncontested jumpers. SC can’t guard a chair, got smoked on a back cut three time in a row basically in first half – how he plays is almost beyond me right now, I don’t care that he hit two jumpers, he is a stationary jump shooter who can’t guard and he is in game late last night in closing two minutes. Reed finally went zone and stuck with it all night, we are a horrible man defense team right now and zone looks surprisingly good despite never using it.

JC invisible.
TK had a ton of close range shots that rolled out, it happens. Our offense is pretty motionless, no cutters no movement, having cj to bail you out for four years but we need coaching and creativity right now and I don’t think we are gettin it in spades right now.
MM had a good game but man that drive late was horrid.

Another tough loss, got to get going soon cause this is getting away from us. Guess now its about tryin to get a mid seed to try to make a run in march – I still say we can win three straight in march and take this tourney down if all breaks right, talents there.