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As far as TK is concerned, I think you have to give Wroblicky a fair amount of credit there. He is probably the best big-body rim protector in the PL and sent a couple of TK’s shots into the seats last night. TK also had a couple bunnies that rimmed out. Overall though, he really doesn’t elevate much at all inside and relies instead on his size, positioning, and touch. Going against a disciplined and equal size opponent is tough for him at this stage. I hope that some work with the strength coaches next year brings back a more explosive TK that will finish better inside, yet retain his arsenal of moves.

Also, guards…PLEASE stop throwing the ball to TK on the move. It doesn’t work. Stop passing your teammates into trouble.

Agree on SC unfortunately. It sounds as though he’s had some tough breaks during his time at Lehigh, but he is a total defensive liability right now and his offense is fine but not enough to make up for it.

Lastly, does anyone else notice that AP seems good for one bonehead foul a game? Sometimes very costly at the end of games or halves? He needs to reach less and be more concerned about positioning.