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Good points, guys.

Allow me to add another………………I continue to be amazed at how we do not involve the 7th best shooter in the PL (3rd best among guards behind only Kager of AU and Cox of Army), Corey Schaefer, in our offense. He’s also the second best in the PL when it comes to hitting the three behind Tanner Plomb, a forward not less, out of Army (see stats below). He’s an experienced junior player who knows how to get open and has a sweet shot. Someone tell me why we feed him the ball so infrequently. He gets off a shot only once every 4.2 minutes of playing time. Is that a way to treat your best shooter! I love Mackey as much as the rest of you but believe he must even out his game (come to play 40 minutes a night) and perhaps, most importantly, look for scoring support when it’s there. And, unless I’m blind, it is there! For comparison purposes, MM – our point guard – puts up a shot every 2.8 minutes and hits far fewer of his attempts (.470 overall and .481 on threes) than Corey.

    CS’ numbers in PL Games Only

FG% .575 (trails Kager @.600 and Cox @.680)
3FG% .538 (trails only Plomb @ .545)

    Team FG%s in PL Games

JG .750
CS .575
MM .470
TK .424 (.304 in last two)
JC .382
AP .324
SW .294
MS .273

Four L’s in a row (3 at home) by a combined 10 points following an overtime win (on the road) by 10. Never saw that coming. Still believe, however, we’ll be in the mix at the end based on what I’m seeing around the league. If we can lose 4 straight in the manner we have, we can win four straight in that very same manner. Let’s hope to turn it around on Saturday up in Worcester. Hoops00 and I will be looking for company at the Hart Center. Any takers?