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After the seeing the past few games, including live at Loyola, I’ll share my thoughts, for whatever they’re worth (not much).
I feel like TK has really struggled against guys his own size, who are also athletic. On both ends of the court. I agree with other comments I’ve seen here that he’s going to need to develop physically. I don’t know if you can “train” hops – but if you can, he needs some. This might sound like heresy, but at this point, I think JG has been more effective on offense AND on defense.
Earlier discussion we had about focus still holds. There seems to be something wrong with pre-game prep, to my untrained eye. The guys just don’t seem ready to play. Cold? I dunno.
MM is incredibly up and down. Early in the game, he’s not aggressive enough. If he establishes his threat to drive early, it will open up dishes. When he tries to “kick it in” late in the game, everybody in the building knows what’s coming. The last drive in the American game is the obvious example, but it’s been true often. He’s gonna go to the bucket, and everyone knows it. It works sometimes anyway – which is a credit to his ability.
I also strongly agree that we need to get the ball to CS, in a position to shoot, more often. I’m still not a huge fan of his drives to the basket, but he has been a killer with this jumper. Even when he’s creating it himself. He needs more shot attempts.
And so does JG. His FG% is nuts. We need to see if it can stick, though. He is 100% more effective in the paint than everyone else on the team at this point. To paraphrase Keyshawn, give him the damn ball!!