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Here’s hoping/assuming neither team will dominate the boards and that some combination of TK/JG/JC can cancel out Dave Dudinski and Malcom Miller. If so, maybe our superior 3 pt. shooting going up against their average, at best, 3-pt. defense can lead to a victory today. All that together with a recent improvement – some might say revelation – in our zone defense and you just might see a win up in Worcester this afternoon. Hey, us ol’ guys can hope, can’t we?!

Stats of Interest

PL Rebounding Margins
HC +.04
LU -1.0

Dave Dudinski vs Tim Kempton
DD 12.8ppg and 6.8 rpg
TK 12.4 ppp and 7.6 rpg

3 Pt. Shooting
LU .378 with two of the league’s very best (CS ranked 2nd @ .538 and MM ranked 4th @ .484)
HC .358 and ranked 248th nationally