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Never has there been a game with so few post event comments. I guess everyone is just anxious to move on. I can’t blame them. But, anyway, here’s my vent.

I can’t recall ever being happy to miss a Lehigh basketball game. But, a little snow and a one way distance of 150 mile was all my wife had to see to cancel what had been a visit with family up north following a 3-hour stop over at the Hart Center. LUHoops00, sorry I let you down. You had to sit through this game alone.

So, how bad was the game? Where do you start? How about the fact that we made 16 FGs in 40 minutes of playing time? That’s 1 every 2 ½ minutes. I think LUHoops00, StablerBum, TMH, Lehigh90 and jimk72 – with me behind the bench – could have done better. Consider our senior leader and esteemed point guard went 1 for 11 in 27 minutes. Then there’s TK – a non-starter for the first time in his career. Our big guy – our future some have said – found the net once in 17 minutes for 2 pts Not to be outdone, another regular starter, JC, chipped in for a deuce. Three men – six points – in a combined 75 minutes of playing time. Or, how about the fact that we once led this game by six and then stood by (committed 2 TOs, 2 PFs, missed 3 layups, missed two 3-pointers, missed two 2-pointers, and a free throw) and watched the Crusaders go on a 7 minute/16 pt. run. to put the game out of reach. Again, a first half meltdown! Our heads were never in this game. Can you imagine what the final score might have been had it not been for AP’s 13 (9 on three consecutive bombs in the first half), SW’s 9 and CS’s 6? Others did either nothing to impress (JG and MS) or were, sadly enough, invisible again (DC, SC, CR, and GP). It must have been a long bus ride home. Five losses in six games – 4 by a combined 10 points and then this one! Had it not been for a 2OT win at Colgate on Day One, we’d be sitting at 0-6.

It’s hard to believe that we’re really this bad. It was just a month ago (12/21/13) that we beat a solid Quinnipiac team by 11 (69-58). The Bobcats are presently ranked 120th with wins over Vermont (96th), Iona (115th), and Manhattan (74th). In notes following that game, I came across this Message Board posting by LUHoops00 and now take the liberty of highlighting a few key thoughts: “Really big win heading into break, no doubt about it, I was scared of this one with young team coming off long layoff and flying home to their families the next day. Credit to staff and leadership, because we were ready to play. Agree with 65, we lost rebounding but the fight and determination is so much higher then it was out of gate this year. Our young guys are battling and their compete level is much higher than it was in November, really happy about that.”

There is only one way for this team to go. And, that’s up. It must start tomorrow down in Annapolis. Of course, I’ve said that before.