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I think Alston looks like a solid get. One of my areas of concern, as mentioned by others,is the # of high schools he attended. Below is a portion of an SI article on the rising number of transfers in college basketball:

2. Those who transfer in high school, transfer more often in college.
From the 2007-11 classes (2012 and ’13 haven’t had enough time to transfer yet), 26.8 percent of the single-high-school players went on to transfer in college, while 37.8 percent of the multiple-high-school players did.
Splitting the multiple-HS group into subcategories^ shows even stronger correlations: 33.8 percent of the two-high-school prospects transferred college, while 38.0 percent of the three-high-schoolers did, and 60.9 percent of the four-or-more high-schoolers did.

So, according to this study, players in Alston’s position have basically a 1/3 chance at finishing at their original school. That’s a red flag.