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On a night when three of our regulars (CS, AP, and JC) clearly didn’t have it going a combined 1 for 15 from the field, it took stellar play from two off the bench, JG and SC, to pull this one out. The pair combined for 27 pts. on 10 for 12 shooting and 11 boards. Sure, MM and TK did their parts and, for the most part, did them well but you got the feeling from watching this team and others this year that it’s going to take heroics from one or two others each night to make it through the year.

Love, love, love JG’s play. And, he didn’t commit a pf last night in 20 minutes of playing time. That extends his careful but effective play to just 2 PFs in the last three games covering 60+ minutes. He had committed a combined 8 vs. Army and Loyola before that. Justin has also hit his stride from the free throw line of late, going 11 for 14 in PL play. What’s not to like about the big guy who runs the floor better than most and hits over 70% of his shots?

Here’s an idea, before each game tell Stefan that we’re playing Navy tonight. Last year, the Canadian dropped a total of 30 pts. on the Midshipmen in his two 26 minute appearances.Watching him perform last night, I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been had both he and AD been healthy from Day One. Unless there’s a medical redshirt in the offing for AD, I doubt we’ll see the two together again. Apparently, we’ll have the pleasure of Stefan’s company, however, for one more year. Perform like he did last night and there should be quite a bottleneck at the guard spot come playing time next year. Another coaching challenge but one Reed may be glad to embrace.