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Granted, I’m thrilled to beat the ‘pards, so take this with a grain of salt. But I think I saw a break-though tonight. I was admittedly worried about putting TK and JG on the floor at the same time, for depth concerns. But it was huge. Completely changed the defensive approach for the ‘pards. If we can run that for extended periods, opponents can’t double (triple) the post the way we’ve seen them do recently.
Suddenly, JG is Kevin Garnett. He is confident and effective in the post – consistently. And his presence gives TK room to do his thing. It is WAY out of character for us to play 2 true bigs like that – but the results can’t be questioned. JG – 8 for 9 from the floor, TK – 7 for 10. I think we found the formula.
It gets better from here, I’m feelin’ good.