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Love the progress out of JG. Imagine how dangerous the frontcourt could be if all three of JG, JC, and TK are clicking at the same time. JC is in a MAJOR funk right now (2-18 in his last 5 games and 1 for his last 16 from 3), but we know he is better than his recent performances. He needs a few lucky rolls and to attack the glass to get some confidence. We still have over 2 full years of those 3 guys figuring things out, and that is a very exciting prospect. I have to admit that I did NOT see this coming from JG at all, and I give the coaches a ton of credit for getting him up to this level of production.

The crowd was pretty disappointing. Not sure why the athletic department insists on charging students $5 for the Lafayette game. Is that really a significant revenue source? In my mind it would make a lot more sense to make ALL the games free for students, and use the Lafayette game as a way to introduce otherwise apathetic students to how much fun basketball games can be. Instead you are creating a barrier to get kids in the door for what would otherwise be your best shot at capturing new fans.