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Just returned from the game. Here are my observations.
Obviously, foul shooting almost destroyed us. The weird thing to me was that was that the shooting was actually ugly. I think JG barely reached the rim on 3 of his 4 misses. TK essentially air balled one.
I thought the team played hard. JC is fine if he plays within himself. That means solid defense and going to the boards hard and take the inside shot when he is open. His one 3 was big but I cringe when he shoots it.
JG played very hard but seems lost to me. He was out of position a lot on defense then tries to make up for it with hustle which leads to fouls.
TK seems to have shed his bad habit of putting the ball on the floor as soon as he catches it. He can be a real force as he was in the 2nd half. Every team is doubling on him now and he needs to stop forcing and finding the open guy.
SC is going to be taking AP minutes from him. They have the same skill set and SC played hard defensively.
CS and MM continue to be very consistent. The former has an absolutely beautiful stroke. Coach has lost his confidence in SW and MS. I would not be surprised if CS is the PG next year.
I like the renovations in the concession area. Nice menu, reasonable prices and video screens announcing upcoming events. I also like the new female announcer. I was disappointed in the coaching at the end of the game. We had 4 fouls to give which would have taken off valuable seconds and used none of them.