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I have to disagree with my good friend, Hoops00, on MS and increased playing time. I don’t see it. The young man peaked in OOC play and has been a disappointment, for the most part, in PL contests going 5 for 18 in 73 minutes. He failed to ring up a FG in 7 of the 9 league games. And, it’s not always minutes that are to blame. In two of those “0-fer” games he got 10 plus minutes of court time. In his last three, he was awarded just a total of 10 minutes. About right if you ask me. With 2/3rd the season in the books (22 games played) and the need to close strong, I’m ok with the advanced minutes given to CS and MM. You can add SC to that list, as well. Each appear to be well conditioned athletes and have the one thing MS – and for that matter, AP and SW – don’t have and it’s something you need at this time of the year: Experience, espcially big game experience. We’ll need it down the stretch and into the playoffs. Simelton, Price, and Withfiled’s time will come and I look forward to it, believe me. Just not this year.