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I’m mixed on MS. I’d like to see him get minutes, but I’m not comfortable expecting much yet. I feel like he’s often right on the edge of out-of-control, and I’m holding my breath when he’s bringing up the ball. Great future, but needs seasoning, I think.
I agree about some breathers for MM and CS – but my approach would be different. I’d have one of those two at the one at (nearly) all times. When MM is due for a blow, move CS to 1. I think we can be more flexible at the 2 – CS can start there, rotate in AP and SC.
The front line is still complicated, to me. I’d still love to see TK and JG start – but how do we spell them in that scenario? JC can play one of those spots, but I think we need one of the other 2 in there with him. That makes it tricky. The 3 spot feels like the revolving door, to me. I’d love to see JC start there, but that just makes the front line situation worse. I think SW and SC can play that wing spot, and maybe even AP.
It’s fun to play Monday Morning QB – but I don’t envy the coaches on this lineup stuff!