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I guess I started something with all this talk of MS. Aaah, the beauty of an active Board. Sure beats the endless dribble over attendance figures.

Toddcudd, we’re on the same page. I am uneasy with Miles running the point, especially when other more talented options exist. There are just so many minutes (40) to distribute. If you think Mackey should get 30 and Corey 5, then what’s left for Miles barring injury and foul trouble? Five. Miles is certainly a dynamo and might well run our team in years to come, but not now (please) as our season comes to a close. While it may be true that we’re not going undefeated in the PL this year, we do have a chance to finish in the Top 4 and gain home court honors for at least one playoff game. To me, that is significant and warrants playing our best at each position whenever possible. That said, I really do like the kid but think his future is a year away – first backing up Corey at the point and then taking over the reigns sometime down the road.

To Rich’s point about options, can you imagine the choices Reed and Co. would have been faced with had both AD and SC showed up healthy back in October!