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Great win for the Hawks! JC stepped his game up and TK was very good. MM clutch today and LU needed it. Two questions that have been driving me crazy as someone who has watched every minute of all but two games. First I get that AP went to a basketball factory HS and has shown flashes of very good play. My question is what warrants continued starts and number of minutes? As I see it he does not rebound, does not create easy opportunities for fellow teammates, is suspect on d, and has some serious turnovers and fouls at poor times. He does have a few spurts when he gets hot from 3 but does that warrant number of minutes? Someone please help me on this one. My second question, MM obviously is super quick and athletic but seems to be a below average on the ball defender. I see it as a lack of priority on his part, am I over critical or do some of you agree?