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In response to pafan11 regarding AP, I agree that he might not deserve to start, at least not every game. But if you look at the other 3’s available, who’s obviously better? I personally think he’s one of those kids who’s so smooth it doesn’t look like he’s moving. I’ve seen good potential in his move to the basket. He just doesn’t go strong often enough in my opinion. He does take I’ll advised 3’s, but I’ve seen less of that lately. I agree he gets beat bad from time to time on defense (brain freeze?), but in general I think he’s acceptable considering it’s his first year. But he has to get better on D. As for MM, what can you say? When he’s out of control, ugh. When he takes care of the ball, he’s great, and it ain’t gonna’ change. Defensively, he is what he is. My question on Mackey is…..6′???? I don’t think so.

And finally, I respectfully submit at this moment you are being just a tad too critical. I’m really psyched after what I see as the biggest win of the year, and maybe considering the youth on the team, the biggest win since Duke!