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First of all congratulations to the team, big win, and this is one of the rear comments that I agree with you (2nd one is about mm), jimk72. AP potential is one thing and situation right now is the other one. SC is a better choice right now, period. BR digs deep hole at the beginning almost every game, and they have to work hard to get out of it. Some players can make numerous mistakes, and still play 30+ minutes. AP is a sweet player but he is not CJ, sorry. SC made one (unnecessary) TO and he was benched right away, until very last seconds when doc needed him desperately. This isn’t new in SC’s case. How the hell is he going ever to gain confidence and play the game. That was a bad move to punish so hard for one mistake, sorry, especially that it came after he scored a big 3-pointer. I would like to see anybody in this world to confidentially play if you have to look over your shoulder all the time knowing, you are going to leave the game as soon as you make a mistake.
Good luck to BR, but it is time for change.

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 8 months ago by  Naim.