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Hard to identify anything specific in this one – just came up a bit short. Hard to play from behind the whole game, but HC just shot the lights out early on. Ball security was better, but still room to improve.
Biggest things that jump out in the box, to me: HC had 21 free throw attempts to our 8; I’m not clear on the cause of that. We had plenty of attempts and points in the paint. Next biggest thing was 3 for 11 on 3s in the 2nd half. Live by the 3, die by the 3 I guess. I still feel like we need to find a way to turn more misses into 2nd chance points. If you start missing all of your 3s, you’ve got to put some back. HC got us 12-5 on 2nd chance points.
The most painful part to me were the two fast breaks with numbers in the 2nd half, back-to-back, where we came away with nothing. A 3-on-1 and a 3-on-2, as I recall, and we didn’t even draw a foul on either.
On the upside, we get Navy next…

P.S. Foul trouble certainly hurt too. TK was very good, but only 27 mins; and JG only had 10 mins.