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Thanks Bison for your input, but, please tell me who else on this team creates own 3-point shot except MM, none. CS is possible next one, but take a look to his total min/3-point ratio, so the answer is right there, but the ball certainly spends a lot of time in his hands. CJ is gone long time ago, you probably saw him yesterday, but he was cheering for his teammates, so I don’t buy into that story at all. I’ve seen a lot of good shooters coming after single/double screen getting the ball snapped into their hands, they don’t need to necessarily create own shot. You do have some points about samples, I agree, but that may only work for SC, because he missed all those sloppy pre-season games, when it’s easy to trigger with no much of the responsibility. He could be even higher in his %, unfortunately he had to deal with his injury’s. We all know that PL games are different animal with different responsibility.
I am not trying to say here that this would solve all the problems in this world, but small adjustments sometimes mean a lot in this critical stage of the season.
This team lost another game that put me into deep depression, sorry.