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I am one of those who does not understand why SC is not getting more time or for that matter MS. The question is why AP continues to get a pass on this blog as well as with playing time. Over the last 10 games AP is 26-78 from the field if you discount the game at American he is 18-64 (28%). Along with this he is averaging 2.7 RBs (improvement for sure but not great) less than 1 assit, less than one stl, and 1.4 turnovers per game, while averaging 26.7 minutes. I like APs potential but can’t understand why he continues to warrant unproductive minutes. One or two games can be an considered ups and downs but 10 games is a trend. I am not a college basketball coach and you cannot argue with Coach Reed’s success he has been great at Lehigh. Just looking for thoughts.