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Love the postgame discussion and wanted to add a few thoughts.

I think SC is very valuable as a catch-and-shoot player, but I don’t think he is an elite shooter. He shoots a good %, but only limited attempts as 137 cited. Additionally, when a shooter is one dimensional (as SC is), the only option is to back up and shoot deeper threes. Bryson Johnson at Bucknell was a great example of this. Everyone knew he was a shooter but he still got attempts because 1) he had a quick release and 2) he would shoot from anywhere. SC has neither of those traits. Also, while SC might not have “plays” run for him, no one else does either. Next time Lehigh runs a set play to get a designated guy an open look will be the first time this season. This is a motion and pick & roll offense. Mackey usually gets a pick from a big, and that IS the offense. You can freely critique that, but I think is totally unfair to make it sound as though SC is getting an unfair shake in the offense. He played 23 minutes yesterday and got up two shots. I don’t think that is a reflection on anyone but him.

As far as AP is concerned, I have tried to be pretty fair. As I said above, he has been really poor at finishing this year. His 38% 2 pt shooting is a reflection at just how poor. Additionally, he has not contributed much in other parts of the game. Through the first 5 games he had 3 total rebounds and I made a joke that he must be running AWAY from the ball. While he still has a LONG way to go, he has improved in this area to average 2.9 boards a game in league play. That is a significant step up from the <1 per game through the first 5 games of the year. He’s also second on the team in steals. He can be a great player if he works on finishing in the paint and midrange and making better decision when driving (i.e. pass it every once in awhile).

I’m on record as saying I think MS can be a weapon for this team and is underutilized. He brings a dynamism that no one else on the team does. Did anyone else see the block he had in the second half yesterday? Amazing for a guy his size.