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I’m sorry StablerBum, I always respected your comments a lot but this time I totally disagree, how deep SC can shoot. He was never allowed to use that weapon. You need support from your coach to gain that kind of confidence to be able to shoot from deep. I was watching last year warm up before one of the games, and he was shooting farther than NBA line. He made probably 10 in raw from the same spot. One of the refineries was watching too, and he came to chat with him obviously impressed how he does it. I remember BJ missing 6 in raw, but Paulsen would still keep him in the game, BR is a different coach. Your observation is based on what, something that you have never seen, I would say.
BTW, he scored some very deep 3’s even when he was freshmen, you might’ve forgotten it.
Back to AP, he is very talented kid, but he is not ready at the moment to take the load. It is not only on offensive side, he’s very weak defensively too. If you take a look when he is in the game with CS, CS has to guard 2-3 inches bigger guy instead AP. We should wonder why.
Bottom line, we are loosing games that we should not, at least in my opinion. Is there any room for improvement, I think so.